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Summer Wildlife in your Garden

Bats are at their most active during summer nights to listen out for them or try and spot them as they fly around the sky.

Insects are also most abundant in the summer months. Minibeasts also start to make an appearance so keep your eyes open for beetles and grasshoppers or crickets on the ground. In the sky see if you can spot a moth or dragonfly. Pretty butterflies appear so look out the orange of the Small Tortoiseshell or the blue of the Holly Blue.

You can spot young fledglings (baby birds) in the summer months. In your garden see if you can recognise a baby Robin with its brown speckled chest. Remember if you see a baby bird on the ground, it has probably just left the nest and is learning to fly. So leave it be as mum is probably nearby.

Finally look out for our summer flowers. Poppies, Hibiscus and Petunias like to bloom in the summer months. 

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